Is marriage a Christian ceremony? Most of the people here seem to believe that, or at least that's what I've read...

If this is true, then in the mind of all Christians, all marriages not performed by a Christian (preacher), in a Christian setting like a church is basically wrong......right? So anyone out there that was married by a justice of the peace and in a courthouse and not a church is not really married....right?

If you are of some other faith, not Christian, then even though your marriage was set in a religious setting and performed by a religious figure, it means nothing? Am I right so far?

Basically, Christians have claimed marriage as their own.

The Jews, the Hindu, the Muslim, the atheist, the Mormon(not what I would call Christians,lol).....all of the other people on the planet can not be married because they are not Christians and their marriage did not take place in a church....still right?

let's move on.

It is okay for two atheists to be married and claim their taxes etc. and get all the benefits that a Christian couple get, because they are different sexes? Even though they were likely not married in the traditional Christian marriage ceremony? The reason that I bring up the tax deal is that I have read on here before that some are angry that homosexuals want to claim joint tax returns....which tells me that you want your christian views to influence the federal government's tax that fair?

Shall we demand that all of these marriages be called unions instead? Should two atheists or two Jews not be allowed to be married any longer , but can be joined together by a civil union?

My wife and I were married 24 years ago by a non-religious figure in my in-laws front yard. We have never been happier and have never even thought about divorce or had any marital issues at all. I guess for a non-christian couple that did not honor our marriage by making it a religious ceremony, we have done pretty well. We, also, have done well in honoring the sanctity of our marriage vows, too, with no adultery and no divorce. Something that about 50% of the couples today do not do.

I have a relative of mine that is a devout Christian, even preaches to me when given the She has a house full of kids and goes to church everytime they open the door......she is currently on her fourth husband. I guess she forgot about the sanctity of marriage and what the Bible says about the haste of marriage and divorce as a last straw.....

My parents divorced, both of my siblings divorced....
Many of my friends have been married multiple times, so I am very familiar with both sides of marriage and what unions blessed by the church can really do to a family, so forgive me if I'm not too hip on restrictions on marriages NOT blessed by the chruch. I think anyone should have the right to give it a try.

What about couples that swing? Bi-sexuals that marry the opposite sex, but regularly have sex with their same gender....?

it's okay for them to be married, not honor the sanctity of marriage and not follow the ten commandments, because they chose to marry the opposite sex....? I'm not sure I get that.

What about hermaphrodites or transgenders? Are these human beings not allowed to marry?

Sure, we may not agree with who they are, but does not give us the right to not allow them the same rights as other human beings.

Let's do a quick review of the Ten Commandments.....aka the top ten rules that God wants us to follow......

I don't see anything in there about homosexuality, so I'll skip down to numbers 7 and 10.

Number 7 being... thou shall not commit adultery, and number 10 being...thou shall not covet. God's list of BAD things, he believes that it is a greater sin to cheat on your spouse or to lust after your neighbor's spouse, than to be a homosexual couple.....Not to say that he agrees with homosexuality, but it's just not on his top ten list. You would think that homosexuality would be in the top ten, but it is not...

Since the divorce rate in this country is hovering around 50% or maybe more, then that tells me that all the heterosexuals out there that have the blessing of the church to be married aren't doing a very good job of it.

So, I think that if the heterosexual couples in this country would get a better grasp on what marriage means and if they will try even harder to keep their marriage vows and keep the sanctity of their marriage intact then they would have far less time to worry about other people and who they fall in love with and want to marry....

Current polls claim that about 3-4% of the nation is gay. I would have no idea if that is correct or not, but for the sake of debate, I'll go with that. If 3-4% of the nation wants the right to marry and we have no statistics to see how these marriages would work out, then why not give them a shot? We already know that 50% of the nation's heterosexual population suck at marriage and the divorces that insue often result in broken homes and devastated children....

Some Christians believe that divorce is wrong and marriage is for life, while others believe that you can divorce but never remarry , while even more believe that you can remarry but only to another believer...and so forth. You see, even Christians can't agree on this whole marriage issue, but yet they want to tell other human beings (children of God)who they can or can not fall in love with and marry...really???

There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict.

Walk away; the battle they are fighting is not with you, but with themselves.