I sit here and write this knowing that ill probably take a lot of flak for this but here it goes anyway. Ill start by saying that I am an ardent conservative and a very strong christian who has an amazing relationship with Christ. With that being said, I also consider myself a patriot who fought for the rights of the people of this great country. And here is where things take a turn from the normal. I believe in equal rights for ALL citizens of America. I dont agree with the gay life-style at all. In fact, my sister struggles with it and it absolutely kills me inside. However, I also dont agree with liberals, hippies, muslims, etc yet I still respect the fact that they have all the rights that I do. I also recognize that the US has a separation of church and state (whether I think it's for the best or not is another matter) and being as it is law, I will respect it. I dont pick and choose which laws I follow and as such, I will follow them all (as long as they are constitutional). So with the separation of church and state, I thing that gay couples who are legally together in a union should have every right that my wife and I enjoy. As to what I think should be done. I think that "marriage" is a religious matter and that it is different from a civil union. I think the government should not give out marriage certificates but rather "union certificates". After the legal paperwork is done, a heterosexual couple can have their ceremony as a wedding and have it done by a certified spiritual individual while a homosexual couple can have whatever ceremony they want outside of a "marriage" ceremony. That way the gays can have equal rights according to law yet everyone else can still be married before the eyes of God. Either way it all boils down to equal rights regardless of your stupid, sinful, and wrong beliefs.

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