I used the Senate for a link but feel free to expound from any Federal elected office. Some of you posters in this forum are strikingly intelligent and I think a round table discussion of our ideas to fix this absolute mess would be informative at the very least.

My own list, in no particular order other than #1.

1. I would order an immediate withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. No sense in risking further injury or death to our nation's finest when its going back into Taliban hands anyway.

2. We'd deploy troops to the Mexican border with standing orders to shoot to kill inside our perimeter. I'd even be nice and post signs in Spanish saying so. Same for Canada.

3. We'd balance the budget and amend the Constitution requiring it. Tax breaks for everyone with skin in the game once the national debt is paid off.

4. We'd go to a flat tax system.

5. The rule of law would be strictly enforced.

6. Freedom trampling agencies and laws would be abolished.

7. We'd explore our nation's oil preserves to the utmost.

8. English would be established as the national language and required for citizenship.

9. Illegal immigrants would be detained, collected centrally and sent back to their country of origin.

10. I would bludgeon social program spending.

Thats my quick .02, lets hear some ideas.

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This fall, FIRE THEM ALL. Re-elect NO ONE!!!!!