do you build it around a bullet that you want to use,or build the rifle and use what it likes,
I have a Rem 700 LA standard,700 LA Magnum,700LA Ultra Magnum,and a Model 7 Magnum action and a Model 7 standard action.and A 700 SA with standard bolt.

I like the Classic Wood stock or a BDL with a satin finish,I would like balistics of the 300RUM but can get by with a lot less ft lbs energy,,

any AB at .588 BC and 3200 fps or other combinations that achieve the same balistics without the recoil and 60 rounds a pound is what I want.

25-300 Win Mag with the 110 AB looks tempting.
270 Dakota with 140 AB doesnt look shabby
6mm-06 or 6-284 with the 117 Tubb Bullet may be how it goes

but I hear Nosler is working on a 175-180 7mm AB and the 7mm Claunch could get the nod then.

a 130 25 cal AB would make it a no brainer,,the 300 Win Mag necked to 25 firing 130 AB with BC`s in the high 5`s at 33-3400 would be the real deal.

it looks like Nicole is getting a full ride at UT Martin next year and if that happens I am doing something with that RUM,its just about too much to handle.

it will be a light varmint type gun made to be hunted from blinds with rests and have a 28-30 inch bbl and more than likely a 4.5-14 Ziess or a 5.5-16 Nikon.
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