You would think that you have heard just about anything from some deer hunters but I heard two stories recently that shocked me.

1. Hunter: My son killed a nice 8 pointer last week.

Me: Do you have a picture or the antlers? I would like to see him.

Hunter: No. Both antlers of the deer were broken off.

Me: Oh. I guess he had seen him before he broke his antlers off.

Hunter: No. He just looked like he should be an 8 pointer.

2. Hunter: (same hunter) My son shot a 150 class buck last week.

Me: Wow. You don't see many that big do you.

Hunter: Nope. The only thing is that after he shot the deer, he didn't go to where he fell to check on him. He went back to the truck to come and get me to help get the deer out. When we got back to where he had shot the deer, he was gone and we never did find him.

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