Been meaning to share this on here for awhile, and just never thought about it until the subject came up this afternoon. This is will make arrow pulling a lot easier on 3D targets and any type of foam block or blob style targets.

You will need some type of spice container that is about 1 1/2"-2" tall that has a lid that flips all the way across—I used a McCormick cinnamon container. Next, either rob 4 of your wife's sponge hair curlers, or go by a bag of them at Dollar General for a couple of bucks. Get a small carabiner with a split ring (dollar general $1). Drill two small holes through the lid and container, big enough for a small zip tie, side by side near the top of the lid and on the side. Run zip tie through the two holes and through the split ring of the carabiner and zip it down. Take the plastic thing out of the center of each sponge roller and stuff 4 rollers down into the container. Get a bottle of Black Magic silicone tire shine and give the sponges a good soaking and your done—you don't have to put a lot in there, maybe 6-8 squirts. You can put the arrow down through the middle of the four sponges and will end up with lube on the bottom 1 1/2 inches of your arrow and that's it. Attach it to your belt loop , chair or quiver when you go to shoots, or when shooting at home in a foam block style target, 3D or the blob.