This is why I ask. I plan on moving to Tennessee next year and I plan on trying to buy a house with some land so that I can hunt on it. I currently live in South Mississippi and the WMA's suck here. No one really takes care of them and last year I almost got shot out of my stand. This is just due to some very rude hunters in this area. Anyways I have never hunted in Tennessee so I wonder how worthy the WMA's are up there and if it is even worth hunting? Do you guys run dogs up there? I want to buy a house with a little bit of land to hunt on but if the WMA's are good hunting areas in Tennessee I wouldnt mind doing that as well as long as its safe and there are deer to hunt. Can you hunt on public land in Tennessee like the Smokey Mountian National Park and areas like that? Anyhelp would be appreciated I am trying to research good hunting areas or good hunting WMA's before I move so I can buy in a good hunting location.