I went to the tailwaters over at Percy Saturday because I heard from a friend that they were catching skipjack there. Well, I get there and they were spilling pretty hard. I set up about 50 yards down from the dam and was throwing a white curly tail. on my 2nd cast I hooked into a nice bream, not what I was looking for, but it was a very good fight. Little did I know he would be the first bream out of probably 40-50. I guess they were getting let through the spill gate but they were in there thick! and they were good size too, I didn't keep them because I didn't feel like cleaning all of them, and becuase I was after the skipjack. I figured I would let you guys know because I have seen alot of people going for the bream here lately. They were nice size too, would of made for a nice mess of fish but it's ok I had alot of fun catchin em, I usualy don't care too much for catchin them using bobbers but catching them using curly tails was fun, ecspecially since that current was rollin, it made for an even funner fight.
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