We processed some pastured broilers this weekend and we got some fatties in this batch. Had a few weigh in around 6.5# dressed and the fat content was exceptional on these birds. Here's a quick run down of the operation with some photos.

We heat the pot the old fashioned way...over a fire in a steel barrel

Temp needs to be about 147 deg far

Killing cones make it a lot easier than stretching the neck between 2 spikes on a stump

Let's take a little walk....

Arteries are cut and bird bleeds out real quick with just a few shakes and twitches

About 4 dunks in the hot water loosen up the feathers enough to get plucking. Before we go fulltime next season we'll have a commercial plucker but for now we do it by hand

Hand plucking a bird takes a few minutes and is worth every feather you got to pull in order to leave the skin on the bird. As Poser has repeatedly preached in his posts, the skin is key to the whole operation

Tools of the trade

A look at some of the nice neck fat on this bird. This makes a chicken farmer real proud!

The finished product

Next year we'll be selling pastured birds from the farm so ya'll start saving your pennies now