I found something on another forum that we all should keep in mind for later when other state and national gun control bills are up for a vote.

In Nevada they passed a gun control bill and the Governor wasn't sure wither to sign it or veto it. People started calling in pushing for both ways. They started to take only IN STATE calls then antigun Mayor Bloomberg started to do something different. We can use this to vote in our favor and remember it's Mayor Bloomberg that's paying for it.

DO NOT call now, it's over and it will be a different number so if something new comes up for a vote we can search Mayor Bloomberg's sites and find the new number to call and vote.

By the way, the Governor VETOED the bill.

Here's what I found on the forum.

Mayor Bloomberg has one upped our efforts to vote against this bill by setting up a 1-800 hotline that re-routes out of state calls and assigns them a local number to make it seem like a Nevada resident called in favor of the bill.

So do us all a favor and use the Mayor Bloomberg's HOTLINE number to call, which does 2 things:

1. Uses the hoplophobes' money against them.

2. Makes your "NO!" vote look local.

Here is Mayor Bloomberg's toll-free voting number: 1-888-966-9224

When you connect, you have to listen for a few seconds to a liberal telling you to "be sure to press 1" to vote to support the anti-gun bill. Wait 'till you're transferred to the governor's line and then press "2" (hopefully for the second time!) to cast your no vote instructing the governor to veto this piece of anti-gun trash.
A Government that does not trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, is itself unworthy of trust..... - James Madison