Listened to Mark Levin today and he made a valid point.

Their purpose is to make law.

After 237 years, don't we have enough laws? Are those laws being enforced across the board?

So, what do they spend their time doing?

The same is true down to the local level with state and city. At some point in time, when are there enough laws to cover everything?

In my view, they try to make new "micro" laws that will have their name attached so they will go down in history without regard to whether it was a good law or not.

In the case of this administration, they ignore the constitution and the "elected officials" take sides, without regard of it. They have a whole team focused on appeasing whatever group of voters or potential voters available, without regard for the law of the land.

Often, their constituents who voted them in either don't agree, or have no idea what the end result is. More likely, it's the latter.

Major narcissists, each and every one of them these days.
Why are we trying so hard to develop artificial intelligence when we should be trying to cure natural stupidity.