Oh in this time of world peace....

The UN is about to go to war for the first time in its history after the Security Council voted unanimously to intervene to fight rebels in the Congo.

Around 3,000 UN troops wearing the blue insignia, are being deployed to the central African nation which has been wracked by years of civil war and lawlessness.

The UN has led a 14-year-long peacekeeping in a bid to end the ethic conflict which was sparked by the genocide in neighbouring Rwanda when thousands of Hutus fled into the Congo to evade justice.


It will be the first time that the UN itself will be in direct control of a fighting force, responsible for the tactics on the ground, troop deployments and air strikes.

The force will be made up of soldiers from South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi and is under the command of Brazilian general Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz, who is credited with dismantling criminal gangs in Haiti in 2007.

It will be deployed against M23 (March 23) rebels in the east of the country.

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