I am letting this get to me way too much. \:D

Just weighing all my options and seeing what I might do.
Option 1 is spend about $300.00 and get my 1985 35 hp mercury outboard fixed and rock on.

Option 2 is spend about $4,000.00 and put a new 30 hp 4 stroke outboard on it.

Option 3 is spend way too much and buy a different boat. \:D

I really like this one:

Tracker Super Guide V-16 SC.
I looked at the tiller handle model and it is higher than the console one????

This is basically the same boat I have now only alot newer and with a console.

After using it I am pretty sure I prefer the V bottom style boats.

Bass Tracker, Triton, G3.... dunno what all the other ones offer?

Maybe I can find a used one but I hate spending that kind of money on something I ain't sure of what I am getting, plus most used ones I have found are within $1,000 of the price of a new one.

Maybe someone on here has a good one for sale.... cheap. \:D
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