I went to a very unknown spot in the Sevier county area to target what I had seen on an old timers stringer. 8 pound 34 inch rainbow trout. He had been using, no joke, 20 pound line on a big game reel, on a 7 foot heavy action rod. I went in with a 5 foot light action, spinning reel and rod, with 6 pound line. After hooking a monster in 1 foot of water and having him run by me twice almost in to me and missing him with the net, he ran 30 yards down stream then up and back down. He rolled over on his back and I though, he's done and I'm calling my taxidermist. When all of a sudden, hook came out and away he went. Needless to say, I'm heading back again as soon as the rains calm down.
The impossible takes just a little bit longer