First Diehard I need to know what date u are having your party so I dont mess with yours. Second I need to start getting a head count for who is coming. Third WGK is Donating some of the burgers I have all the Ball park franks in the freezer already. There will be homeade Icecream. There also maybe some apple pies not sure yet. This will be a family atmosphere NO ALCOHOL Coke Pepsi Mello Yello Mountain Dew Tea and Coffee and water. throw some dates at meand someone yell at Diehard his inbox is full as usual :D. Everyone is welcome not just the guys that built and gave for the deck. any TNDEER family is welcome RUGER throw a sticky on this if you don't mind if thats alright if not that fine too. You guys can enjoy the Deck you worked so hard to build and have some good Quality fellowship.

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Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

"Let God in he will save you all you have to do is ask"

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