Tractor supply has their 25 gal trailer sprayer on clearance. Price is reduced 80 buck down to 199. The 15 gal sprayer is on sale for 219 (20 bucks off). I checked the specs on both and they are practically the same. The 15 gal sprayer has arms that fold away while the 25 gal does not. The 15 gal shows 2.2 gal per min while the 25 gal shows 2.0. They look like the same motor. These are both the county line brand. It appears as though TC quit carrying Fimco.

I had a hard time deciding which to purchase. While the 25 gal is a much better deal, wasn't sure if I needed that much capacity. I also figured the 15 gal would hold up better since it would be carrying less weight on the same frame and wheels.

Just thought I'd pass this along.
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