Well, I kinda hate to share this but I will. My 10 year old has been hot after me to take him fishing, but between work and the rainy weather every weekend I haven't had the chance. So instead, he's piled up watching youtube fishing videos everytime I let him on the computer.

This past weekend I finally get a chance to take him but due to selling my big boat a few years back all I have is a Scanoe. So I throw it on the truck and we head to Nickajack. We get there and wait out a brief rain shower, and my boy walks down to the waters edge and ask what the water temp is, and if I knew the PH?? He then drops a lure in the water and says the visibility is about 10". \:\)

We'll, we get out there paddling around and I find a little drop off in about 8' to 12' of water and this kid starts cranking a crankbait like he's on a Pro Bass team. Needless to say; It was the most exciting 2 1/2 hours fishing of my life. We caught 20 plus bass all over 2.5 lbs. And he hung a monster that got away and stripped all the gears out of his Zebco 33. I wouldn't have beleived it if I hadn't been there. Y'all enjoy the pics.

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