I tried a new food plot idea this year. I mowed 3/4 acre clover plot and broadcast Plotspike Forage Feast. broadcast 300 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer. Planted 485 ft. entry road with Plotspike Forage Wheat. This road run south to north and connects to southwest corner of plot. our logging road exits the plot west to east, trimmed all the tree limbs with a Torro Trimmer to let in sun light, pilled all brush in six different piles and planted road with Forage wheat. We have had a problem with trespassers so I hinge cut several trees across both 4-wheeler trails at the property line. I made to kill plots in the center of our property, one 1/4 acre planted with Plotspike New Zealand Blend the other plot 1/2 acre I planted Plotspike Forage Soybeans these to plots are separated by creek, in January I transplanted seven apple trees on one side of creek an on the other I planted four Pear trees. sowed native grasses around both sides of creek.