2 1/2" 3 shot group on my first try with 100gr OE 1 1/2 Fg, .018" patch and .570" round ball @ 50 yards. I upped it to 110 and it shrunk greatly as you will see once I put the video together. No fancy stuff in the video, just me basically thinking out loud and making notes about my findings with the powder.

I did also try the 3 Fg @ 90 grains and man, it was HORRIBLE. I am not kidding, I honestly don't think theres any possible way to improve on that group it shot LOL. I thought about dropping it to 70gr but I don't see it fixing the group so I will save it for my 50cal Flintlock which I know enjoys 3f. I just have to do a little work on that gun, mainly in the sight area and she'll be ready.

Overall, Im extremely pleased with this powder so far. The biggest deal with me is how much cleaner is shoots than Goex and does not require me to gorilla the next shot down. Normally with my 120gr 2F Goex load I have to pound on the handle on theshort starter to get the next shot loaded into the muzzle and then use my palm saver handle over the ramrod to seat the ball. None of that was needed today. Just basically lean into the short starter and push and in she goes.

MUCH more shooting needed, especially at longer ranges of 75 and 100 yards before I can decide if I will trust it enough as far as consistency goes, for hunting.

Video Old Eynesford VIDEO HERE