After work Wednesday I loaded up the kayak and headed upstream so I could hunt a few recently exposed gravel bars, one being my "lucky" gravel bar! Its been good to me for 4 years in a row, every spring after all the ups and downs and maybe even a flood or two I ALWAYS go visit it but, I gotta have my timing right, the river must be kinda low, the water needs to not be freezing and its gotta be before the summer grass takes over! That leaves me about two weeks most years. Anyway, Ive bored yall long enough....heres my find there for 2013! I think that with the Parallel flaking that it must be an Elk River type point which is Early Archaic, 8,000-5,000 B.P
Its far from perfect but has lots of Character! I love the thousands of years river stain and the craftsmanship is awesome too! Thanks for reading this long story and Happy Hunting to yall!

The celebration shot! I hunted for almost 4 hours and this is all I discovered.

Here it is cleaned up!

Below are two pieces I found last week or so at a construction site. The first is a Benton that had freshly been broke by a Cultipacker but glued back together nicely. The next is just a little ole point that is nicely worked but busted up I found on lunch break.