This Fall (along with the next three) I'll be going to college in Martin. All of my hunting spots are near Natchez trace which is a 1hr 45min drive from Martin. I know Reelfoot NWR is an hour drive from there. Is the hunting good up there? My classes are set up so that I only have classes on M-W-F and one evening class on Thursday. I plan to come home on the weekends but would like to be able to have a place for Thursday mornings. For Tuesday any length drive will work but I don't want to end up being late for class on Thursdays.

Any good public land close to Martin?
Any good public spots in KY that would an hour 45min drive or less?

I'd like to find a good place in KY since their season opens early. I may also hunt some of LBL since its about a 1.5 hour drive.

All recommendations appreciated
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