Just wondering if anyone else out there feels the same as me? With all the hype the past several years about killing the "biggest" buck around, does anyone remember what deer hunting used to be. Used to be family and/or friends getting together to spend some time in the woods relaxing, trying put some food in the freezer, tracking, reading sign, hunting with any legal weapon allowed for that season, and passing on a love of the outdoors to the next generation. Both old and young had a respect for the land and most importantly, respect for each other as Gods children. Has that been lost forever? We now have trail cameras, GPS, food plots, almost no public hunting land compared to times past, we don't talk to strangers in the woods or the check station cause they might get our spot, we take someone else's spot cause we are to lazy to find our own, we teach the next generation that the size of the horns are more important than the experience or putting food in the freezer, we say someone is cheating if they use a new type of weapon, we forget that not everyone has the money or land to build the dream spot, and down someone for taking a spike for the freezer instead of letting it walk to grow up. Now don't get me wrong, but my heart just about jumps out of my chest when a nice buck comes thru, but I also get the same feeling when a yearling walks by. When I no longer feel the same no matter what comes by then I will be done. So I ask that if you have taken the time to read this, try to understand my point. Take some of your time to pass on the true meaning of hunting without all the gadgets, money , and the size of the horns matter attitude to so that the next generation will grow up knowing that the outdoors is a wonderful place, a place to learn and not just a place to get a good pic for facebook.