Figured this with be a good morning as it was 45* with calm winds and a bright blue sky. Been wanting to bloody the new Ruger 22-250 and this was about the 3rd time it's been hunting I reckon. Anyway 2nd stand later in the morning I climbed up on a round hay bale, got situated and started running fawn distress on the Foxpro. At about 3-4 minutes this one appeared over a crest in the pasture about 80 yds away staring in my direction standing in tall grass pretty much facing me near head on. I was able to slowly move the rifle around without spooking him and he dropped at the shot with feet sticking skyward a bit till they sort of melted down into the grass-yes!! The load was a Sierra 52g match bullet over IMR 3031- a bam flop no yips spins nor bullet exit. He is about a 3 year old 35# male I would guess. Yehaw! That's Katie in the background- I think with training she could make a good coyote hunting dog.

We were soldiers once, and young.