I've been working on a gun for my son all year. It's a 243 in a Ti stock cut short. The guy I bought it from had hogged out the forend and done a crappy job of it and pillar bedded it but it was a little crooked.

So I undertook to fix it. Using a dremel over several nights I ground out the previous bedding. When complete I reset the action and nudged the barrel over with a couple of strips masking tape at the foreend and a rubber o-ring.

When it was setting back square I bedded the action with Devcon. It went well with a couple of small voids but nothing to bad. Using some tape I built a dam 2" in front of the lug.

Now I had to deal with the forend. I didn't want to use Devcon as it is heavy and this rifle is a lightweight. So I ordered up acraglass gel.

Last night I got around to it. My tape is .005 thick. I laid cut 7 layers and wrapped them the legth of the barrel for a float of .035". Covered it with Johnson's paste wax and mixed the gel. Added a few drops of black to it and filled the forend. Set it in real good and put an industrial rubber band around the action.

After about an hour I had an "Oh Crap" moment. Did I use enough paste wax? Did I just epoxy the action in? I'll find out in 10 hours.

First thing this morning I go to the reloading room and check the gun. wrap it in a cloth and put it in the vise. genetly tap the barrel with a rubber mallet and BINGO it pops right out of the tape. The bedding is nice and smooth. Now for a little sanding on the stock. trimming away some overflow and it'll be ready to prime and paint.

The duracoat shipment came on Wednesday \:D

War Eagle

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