I have a 20 acre property that is thick and that has a few mature trees and many 4-6 in trees growing in thick proximity. Same goes for the 100 acres behind it that I am allowed to hunt. I have a foodplot on my place but how do I hunt the mountains and all that crowded timber? The "mature" trees are very less than ideal for treestands. The does come to the food plot often and have seen the young bucks fairly often on the food plot. My uncle killed a decent 9 point of the lease behind my property and that was it. We had a good sized buck making BIG rubs on the edge of the food plot. and along the road going up to our property. The area where the does came out every evening is an impenetrable thicket by a creek. I saw one deer in the woods the whole season. I just don't know how or where to set up most of it is thick small timber and no place really for tree stands. There are alot of heavy trails running through the 190 acres I can hunt behind my 20 acres of thickness and my foodplot.

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