I fished Bedford Lake both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, it was raining on and off during the morning when I fished. I managed to catch one keeper bluegill and lots of smaller ones and a lot of 12 inch or so bass that I released. Everything was caught on crappie magnets mostly being chartreuse and 6lb mono. I decided to return on Saturday afternoon and switch up tactics. I used crickets and 4lb mono with as little split shot as I could. Sometimes a float and sometimes not. Results were very different! I limited out easily on big bluegill and a few shellcrackers. I probly didn't even cover 100 yds of shoreline before I hit my limit. They have a limit of 20 bluegill on this lake.

I absolutely love the fight of a big bluegill or shellcracker on ultralight gear. They are little fish with a big attitude!

If you haven't fished this lake then give it a try. It is a nice peaceful place. No outboard motors can be used and you have to have a daily permit purchased at local stores but it is a great TWRA lake for good size bluegill.


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