It was a great weekend in the Scenic City... well, the weather wasn't so great but the catfishing was great. I was happy to be able to revisit Chickamauga Tailwaters without flood gates open (although that didn't last either.).

Saturday it was a return visit from Dan Griffith and his two sons, Zach and Josh who came down from Nashville. We stuck several exceptional fish but between light line, fast current, big rocks and bad luck we never got any horses in the boat. The biggest landed was a measly 22 lbs. however, so they weren't complaining too much. We also boated some monster bluegill. Pics below, or check out the GRIFFITH VIDEO. Fortunately we never got rained on.

That was NOT the case Sunday with Todd Trivette and his Dad, Jerry who came from Knoxville. The day started out dry, but continually went downhill. We ran for cover due to lightning a couple of times and then finally said, "To heck with it," and just kept fishing through it. Todd counted today... we put 26 catfish in the boat. Many were between 10 and 20 pounds. Todd had ahold of another we know was bigger... sadly, how much bigger we'll never know as this REALLY WET VIDEO illustrates.

But we never got hit by lightning so that means life is good and gettin' better every day!

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