So came across a great deal online from Natez shooter store on a camera I DEMO Bushnell 3, 5 or 8MP full color resolution Trophy Camô Trail Camera with Black & White Text LCD. This normally run for $249 but they have demos for $79 or $69 if you order two they also have great deals on other demo cameras. So I buy a few and start to checkout. TN is not on the drop down list for the shipping or billing address. Read around the site and find Tn, Al, and Ga are excluded from their store. They are located in Chartnoga though. Anyone know a way around this? I could get a prepaid visa and then have it mailed to my brother out of state. But who would i have a name and billing info for those? dont they normally not have a name one them? Is there an actual store in Chattnoga? Could I send some one money through PayPal and have them walk in to the store and purchase for that price? Any other ideas?