They actually had a committee that settled on the name of this place.

Carrol County Thousand Acre Recreational Lake

Really? \:D

Anyway, VERY nice facility and the most impressive thing to me was someone had the forethought to make a boat ramp wide enough to make it useable.
Very wide and nice.

Anyway, man caught the first bass and then I started catching them.
We ended up with 8 in the first hour we were there.
I had done some "pre-trip scouting" and knew of a spot I wanted to try and we were almost there when we went into a cove and I saw what I call a washing machine.

A butt load of bream in a spot no larger than the tub on a washing machine.

We started catching them and just couldn't quit.

Then we found the shellcrackers.

We threw the first two back and then decided we would keep them and let the bream go.

Finally man said he had had enough because we forgot the sun screen and we left.

I ended up with 5 bass and man had 3.
I had 35 bream and man got 23.
I had 5 shellcracker and man had 10.
We ended up keeping 13 of the shellcracker.

Really had a blast.

Gonna get there a little earlier next time and concentrate on bass a little longer. \:\)
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