I have talked it over with Kimber45 and volunteered to help with posting pics for newbies, or ones who dont know how to post pics etc. Theres 3 ways of doing it.

1. You can send them to my email. dustin_139@hotmail.com.
2. Send them straight to my photobucket account. dustin_139.33079@uploads.photobucket.com.
3. Shoot me a pm and i can give you my cell # and you can send them to my phone and do it from there.

Please no more than 2 pics for a post so my photobucket account wont get to full. And when an item sells i will delete the pics off my photobucket account.

As everyone knows, pics help an item sell alot better than just a post with no pics. So i thought i would throw this offer up to help some folks out. I am on here most everyday so if you send them to my email or PB account just shoot me a pm and i will get them on here asap.

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