Had a Smith & Wesson Airwieght J-Frame on the want list for years.... Well ever since I sold a Taurus 85ul. Now that I think about it that's why the Taurus was purchased, thought the Taurus would fill the same spot. Don't take this a Taurus bashing, it was a dang fine little 38 but the "Made in Brazil" stamping just seemed wrong.

Last week a deal came along. Always had visions of the black 442 version dancing around in my dreams but when the price is right, guess the stainless 642 version will do. Put a set of VZ G10 grips on it and call it done. Man I need to practice, if anyone has any tips for shooting a DAO snuby I'm all ears. The dual action only is new to me and was doing good to keep 5 shots on notebook paper at 7 yds with the first 10 rounds that went through it. Up to 50 rounds through it now and doing much better.

Any snuby shooting tips?
Any suggestions on an IWB holster?

would like to see what snubs others are playing with, post your pics!