The way I see it there are two ways to hunt based on the wind.. 1. You can hunt with the wind in your face or just not blowing in the general direction you expect the deer to come. With this method you have to almost assume deer just travel and smell what they smell, with them not using it to their premeditated or instinctual advantage at all. 2. You can hunt deer based on them always using the wind to their advantage, traveling into the wind, walking a cross wind to scent check scrapes or a field, etc. Be it for breeding, feeding, or caution using this method you basically assume their is usually a wind driven reason a deer is moving in the direction he is. This method is likely only used by hunters in pursuit of mature bucks for the most part. With this method you likely can rarely hunt with the wind in your face and is probably used by the fewest hunters..

So which do you use and why what's you opinion on how a deer uses his nose in regard to the wind?