Good luck everyone on the last day. The birds in Maury county were still doing their thing. If nimrod and I had permission to hunt the private cattle field bordering the WMA, Nim would have killed a bird. We saw 5 gobblers and the occasional hen. We could not get the longbeards to cross the fence and had to leave by midday. But early in the morning, the birds were gobbling and strutting in the field, and I called and got them to head my way. They gobbled near the fence, but never showed. They stayed on the cow farm. Later in the morning, 3 of the toms were out there preening and feeding and ignoring calls and decoy right by the fence. Then we got on another couple of birds, one a strutter, snuck up close thinking the strutter had crossed to our side and I got us busted and they were still across the fence. Oh well

It was a very good day in the woods despite no birds being killed. I don't think I saw 5 toms in the same area all season until today. Hope I didn't kill Nimrod with all the walking. Also got some great footage of a yearling buck and his companion who were just too curious to run off. That will come soon when I get the video put together.

So don't give up till you have to go home. One day of season and there are birds to kill. Good luck to everyone.