Question, Not trying to start a war or anything. I just want an honest educated answer. I've seen pics of many nice 6 pointers on here, and I myself have a nice 6 point mounted, My best Muzzleloader Buck to date, Only difference between him and an 8 pointer I have mounted is just the 2 extra points. Same spread height, etc. I've had an Uncle pass on a big 6 at Catoosa a few years back and a family friend had a huge 6 walk under his stand at Catoosa as well. My question, with Lease Mgt. and Hunting shows etc. Most antler restrictions are 4 to a side or something of that nature. I know about QDM, but where did the "It has to be 4 points" get adopted from? As we know there are many small 8's as they are Huge 6 points. Like if a basket "8" would walk by it would be legal, Where as a Huge 6 would be off limits. Just wondering where this judgement and No love for 6 points started at. Thanks for reading. Just curiosity got the best of me today.