Had time to hunt this morning g until 7:00 so Im walking in and one gobbles at 5:11 and its followed by another bird. Make my way to where I'm going to set up on the edge of a pipeline. A hen gets going so I mimick her some and then when its light enough I do a fly down. Well a hen decides to pitch down and then here comes one walking followed by 3 jakes. About the time they get there the gobbler pitches down and he's about 45 yards. Unfortunately the jakes ran right at him and ran him off. He kept gobbling but they wouldn't leave and I didn't want to stand up and spook them. While standing there at 30 yards I was tempted to hammer one but hopefully they'll make it and be next years longbeards. It was a great morning to be out and hopefully Saturday morning will have decent weather and kne will cooperate for my son. Got a baseball game that afternoon and Mothers Day is Sunday so one more opportunity for me and I'm done.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.