Just four short years ago Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford disappeared for several days, lied about where he was, spent taxpayer money to see his secret mistress in Argentina, admitted to cheating on his wife with multiple women during their marriage, and got censured by the South Carolina legislature. Today, Republican voters in South Carolina's first congressional district voted to send him to Washington DC as their US Congressman. It is not surprising that he won today in a conservative district. They would have elected anyone but a Democrat. What is surprising and pathetic is that he was able to win the Republican primary and get to today's election. There wasn't a more deserving conservative politician in this district? Really? This is the best Republican that this district had to offer? Imagine what Republicans would be saying if it was a Democrat who had done what Sanford did as Governor and then got re-elected four years later. The Republicans of the first congressional district of South Carolina have conceded the moral high ground and shamed conservatives who expect our elected officials to conduct themselves with honor, dignity, accountability, professionalism and integrity in office. The biggest insult is that we, US taxpayers, now have to pay his salary. I am all for second chances for those who deserve them, but does Mark Sanford deserve a second chance that gives him a seat in the US Capital Building just four years after disgracing himself, the office of the Governor, the Republican Party and conservative voters? Heck no he does not!

I am so sick of politics, politicians and the American voting public. We truly deserve this colossal mess that we have created with our votes over the past several decades. Sanford's election just goes to show you that Republicans can be as hypocritical, unprincipled and ridiculous as Democrats. "We the people" have reached the point of having no standards. I am just totally disgusted by it all.

Mark Sanford wins election for South Carolina House seat
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