This weekend was Memphis in May (Mud) Music Fest. I made my way down Saturday afternoon to catch Dwight Yokam at 7 PM. Note that it poured on Friday and off and on Saturday afternoon. "Memphis in Mud" lived up to its name this year, though it was a break from the usual 90+ degree temps. I believe it was 47 degrees by 7 pm and there was more camo and rubber boots in attendance than you could shake a stick at.

So, we stood around in the mood drinking tall boys and claiming a good spot for Dwight, who was awesome. He came out and played hit after hit, straight into the next song, for a seamless 65 minutes. He seemed to be enjoying himself, too and heard that he had been seen around time some over the weekend.

After his set, we did some walking around and ended up drinking whiskey in the Memphis Flyer VIP tent for a couple of hours. By about 12:30, we were ready to head back but needed to pack on some beer-adsorbing protein first, so we stopped by Double J Smokehouse in the South Main district of Memphis (Close to Ernestine & Hazels and The Arcade). The downstairs restaurant was pretty packed, but most people don't seem to know that they have a separate, upstairs tavern where some locals like to drink.

So, we ordered a round of bourbon and a few combo plates of pulled pork and ribs at 1 am:

The meat comes out with the sauce on the side, which I like because it lets me taste the meat by itself. Overall, I was very impressed. My pulled pork had plenty of bark and the ribs had a excellent texture -that perfect balance between actually using your teeth, though still tender, falling off the bone, but not falling apart.

They had 2 sauces "The Original", which was a mustard based sauce and the "Memphis" which was a sweet/spicy sauce. They were both good, I thought and I ended up just using them as "dipping" sauce.

The beans were also good with nice smoke flavor and a little kick, though the potato salad was a little odd. It was more "mashed potatoes" than potato salad. I didn't eat the bread. The combo plate as $16.

All in all, this is quality Memphis BBQ and some of the best that you will get in the downtown area, and definitely THE best BBQ you will get in Memphis after 10 PM, much less after midnight. So, if you find yourself in downtown Memphis for a late night with a craving for BBQ, Double J's is where you want to end up, no question about it. They have a full bar, seafood, sliders, burgers, chicken & pizza, and they also do brunch on Sundays. A little pricey, but nothing beyond the norm for downtown eating and far better value than the Beale St restaurants.
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