Last Thursday our outside dog managed to get out of the back yard, he's never been out except for an occasional walk. We searched nearby neighborhoods, spoke with neighbors, called all animal control and vet offices, posted signs and even gave the postman and trashman a photo. Oh, and don't forget posting on Facebook.
I was out of town last week and very concerned about my Wife who was becoming very depressed over the situation and I was giving up hope of finding him again.
Yesterday my wife gets a call and a follow up text from a UPS driver of what he thinks is our dog in an area about 3-4 miles away (he saw the post on his Sons Facebook)!We search this area and speak with some nice folks who have seen a similar looking dog wandering around but can't find him.
At 3am this morning I heard a familiar howling outside the bedroom window and bolted out of bed, I looked out the window and saw him in the yard! I threw on some boots and grabbed a flashlight running out into the rain but he was gone. At this point I was beginning to doubt my sanity so I came back in and put on a shirt and rain suit and got a better light. When I went out I saw eyes near the back of the property and went that way...sure enough it was him, I dropped down to my knees and he came running to me. Needles to say when I woke my Wife up at 3:30 to show her who was in the garage she was elated.
He's been a good pet for nearly 13 years and we just returned from the vet after getting him checked out. Sorry for the long post but our house is a very happy place right now. We're making calls now thanking all those who helped us out but I know it was God who brought him home.