I will post alot of pics later, but I guess just wanting to vent now. I checked on my orchards yesterday and have a total of 7 apple and pear trees that are damaged pretty bad by a bear. Not any fruit on them of course, just damaged them anyway Basically it was tearing limbs down. Alot of it was to trees that are just getting into production. It also damaged two cameras, letting water get in them where it ripped my mounting system out. Im figuring about several hundred dollars in damage right now, and thats not even counting older trees being worth more money. It makes me wonder now if Im ever even going to be able to have a orchard. I hope to be able to salvage most, if not all of the trees but they will set back alot and will be very prone to disease and insect damage now so I may lose them on down the road. This is not something I do just for wildlife, I was planning on having fruit for myself and alot of family but I just wont be able if this bear doesn't leave or isn't stopped. Just makes me sick to my stomach
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