I have a friend that is former military, and upon discharge he joined his local police department in Mississippi. During a routine traffic stop one day, he was shot and the culprit was never found. He was left paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his life. This man has given his entire adult life to helping others, and serving our country, and has basically lost everything other than his awesome personality to an injury doing so.

He still works at a computer in his office, but often has problems with his vehicle that he requires to get to work.I would like to help him, as many of his friends would, but such a vehicle is very expensive. He has done so much for so many and I would like to see him awarded for his lifetime of effort and sacrifice to others.

It is Mobility Awareness month and a free van is being given away. Can you please take a short time away from your busy lives and click the link below and vote for Mark Ayers? It would mean the world to such a great man to have reliable transportation which is something he can't afford and definitely needs. It costs nothing at all, and we could do our part to help a man that took a bullet to help us all. You can vote once a day and the voting is open till May 10th. Thank you for your time!

Go Gators!!