The wife got Spring fever again this year and wanted to grow something. Our yard isn't laid out very well to put in a garden...but where there is a will there is a way. Right?
Off to Lowes 150 cinder blocks including 50 smaller 4 inch wide blocks for the back of the garden.

Here is where I decided to put it in...between the columns its about 40 feet long and 5 feet deep.

Tilled, tilling helped a lot when leveling the cinder blocks.

The first rung of Blocks and the rear blocks against the fence in place. These were a pain to get level:

2nd tier in place...much easier than the bottom

Its 40X 5ft or 200 square feet of actual planting space.

Still have to stake and backfill the cinder blocks then get more dirt, but we should be planting veggies by Monday.

I also plan to finish the face of the blocks with something to make it look better...I am leaning toward a wood finish but open to suggestions. Not a fan of stucco.
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