Lydia, our "baby girl", graduates from college Friday night, leaving her only one semester's worth of student teaching away from being employable by a school district.

If you've been on TNDeer long enough, you may remember some of the tough times we've been through during her adolescence, from scary health issues to life-shaking decisions. Fielded my first talk with a young suitor asking for her hand in marriage about 4 years ago. Told him no. Weathered yet another suitor's talk more recently, and while it wasn't my ideal choice, I acquiesced. Turned out that my gut was spot on, and that engagement lasted only a few months.

Wouldn't you know, suitor #1 came back around, 4 years older and wiser, and I was in the talk again. Gave my blessing this time, and their hope is to have a basic and inexpensive wedding at the end of this summer, before school starts. Our church's first building is underway, but likely won't be done by the top of August, so we'll be on the prowl for another venue, hopefully one that won't break the bank for us.

My wife and I already have an anniversary cruise booked for May, two weeks of Christian summer camps, a week of High School Christian Conference, and a 10-day mission trip back to South Dakota on the boards. I don't know how/when a wedding is going to get planned, but I'm pretty sure I will be MUCH older 4 months from now than I am today.

But it's all good, we've weathered the blastings and the blessings, and are glad to be where we are. Prayers that my "baby" will be able to say the same in her own life. \:\)
Some hunt for racks, some hunt for roasts. I hunt for sheer joy; the aforementioned items are merely fringe benefits.