a person contacted me with a box of ammo they wanted to get rid of instead of packing to move,,it looks like 8x57 Mauser to me but IDK for sure,,Yugo markings and the bullets mic .323 and weigh 198.2 grs,,
40 unopened boxes with three five round stripper clips per box,,and 12 more loose clips,,600 rounds in the box and 60 more on 5 round clips loose,

best I can tell it is 198 gr 8x57 Yugo ammo made in 1953,,anybody shoot this stuff that can confirm what it is and a price it would have been worth before the craziness,,

it looks a lot like this but the one bullet I pulled weighed 198 and this is listed as 196 ??


and pic of ammo,,,any info would be appreciated,,

gun junky