I have a 1,095 acre lease in Wayne county Illinois. This lease is made up of 3 farms that r only seperated by a gravel road. 1 farm is 534 acres, 1 is 159 acres n the other is 402 acres. There have been several 130-180" bucks killed off of each of these farms. Also, the lease comes with a fully furnished cabin to stay in. Heat/ac, frig, stove, shower, satellite tv. The farmer/landowner lives next to the cabin n is a super great guy. He also has a gator we can use to retrieve game with. I have maps of each farm with stand locations n pics from 1 of my bow hunter members of bucks taken off the lease over the last 5 yrs. looking 4 a group of 4 members. We can do groups of 2 or even singles if need be to fill up members. 10 members total. $2,000 each full rights. Properties is made up of 30% timber n the rest is crops n crp. U can call or text me at 423-255-8696 or email me at Keith8489@att.net