After work went to private land I got permission to hunt 3 weeks ago. It's 40 acres give or take. Well 2 days ago I went and saw birds in the field. 1 Tom and a bunch of hens about 200 yards out. I called softly and they started coming my way. They get to 60 yards and to my right I catch movement. A freakN yote runs out after them. Yep, they all take off. It was getting late so I head home. Today I went back out there on a mission. It was about 4:45 the same time as Tues and there they are same spot. But this time they were directly in front of me about 85 yards out. I'm sitting in a nasty thicket and well hidden so I start calling softly. They just ignored me. Tommy just stayed in full strut and was not leaving the ladies. So I back out a little and pull my strutter out of my vest and put on my jake fan. I then belly crawl to the edge of the thicket hiding behind my decoy and yelp. Tommy slowly moves closer but stops and struts. I then crawl about 5 yards closer. He then comes towards me about the same distance. Anyway, we both do this till he's 40-45 yards. I am on my belly behind my decoy with my gun on him and take him down.
He was one of my better birds. He has a nice 11" paintbrush & a 5" thin beard. Weighs just a hair over 22lbs. One spur is exactly an inch and the other is 1.25.

I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness,
nor the arrow for its swiftness,
nor the warrior for his glory.
I love only that which they defend.
J.R.R. Tolkien