Police and Military Facing Tough Choice: Constitution or Gun Control

Posted on April 25, 2013

I have family and friends that have been in law enforcement or still are. When they took their oath of office, they all swore to uphold the Constitution and laws of their city, state and nation. When anyone joins the military, they take a similar oath to protect the country and uphold the Constitution.

There is another thing that all of those oaths of office have in common. The section about protecting the country and Constitution says that they will protect against foreign and domestic threats. Our Founding Fathers and the people that established our military and various law enforcement agencies knew back then that we may face threats to our way of life from within the country as well as from without. Domestic threats have always been a real possibility.

Today, it is more than a possibility, it has become a reality. State and federal governments are the ones posing the domestic threats to the US Constitution and laws of the land. All of the attacks being made at the state and federal level against the Second Amendment are, by definition, domestic threats to the US Constitution and as such could be considered to be acts of treason.

So what do law enforcement officers and military personnel do in this situation? They have all sworn an oath to protect the Constitution. Do they stand by that oath and defy state and federal government officials by not enforcing these unconstitutional laws? Do they face being fired or court martialed for defending the Constitution? These are the tough choices that many will soon be faced with.

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