Next week I will be receiving most of the parts necessary to complete an upper receiver. This is my first build so many tools I do not possess.

I decided to get a quote from Franklin Gun Shop to 1) torque the barrel onto the upper receiver and 2) check for proper headspace. Their quote = $250

For around $200 I can buy the 1) Barrel Nut Wrench 2) Torque Wrench 3) Receiver Block 4) No Go/Go Guages. I guess this is going to be a DIY project afterall.

I am a firm believer in supporting local business vs. a bigger company but with FGS I honestly can't afford to! Everything is always unjustifiably expensive there whether it be used guns, ammo, or services. I was going to buy a $700 scope from them until they were going to charge me $50 to mount it/boresight it!

As far as the DIY goes, it seems if I use the old 3x torque method, get the torque anywhere from 30-50lbs, and check the go/no go guages I should be good. Most people say that the headspace isn't really an issue with mil-spec AR's anyway... so we will see!

Once I get the tools I will be happy to help anyone else out with this... provided I do it correctly the first time \:D