went to the bird that i heard gobbling his head off last night and got my hen decoy set up and sure nuff right as it was getting light he started gobbling again. i waited just a little bit and did a few purrs and yelps then just shut up and waited. i finally heard him fly down and seen him landing in the field i was in. he landed about 200 yrds away from me on my right,and stayed there for bout 15 mins strutting and gobbling i guess trying to get the hen to come to him, i aint to good with mouth call so didnt even take it with me so when he turned around and fanned out i yelped to him on my slate call and he turned and made his way in very slowly. it took him bout 30 mins to make his way 150-200yrds to where i was. he was within range for awhile but the way i was turned had to wait for him to get right in front of me. boy he was spittin and drumming first time i ever heard that and boy it got the ol heart a pounding. by the time he got there i had done let my gun down onto my knee, and he was bout 15-20yrds away when he cleared the tree infront of me and soon as i started to ease the gun up to aim he caught movement and didnt like it so i let him have it and he was done. without that decoy i dont think this rookie would have ever got that bird. so that makes 2 hunts and 2 birds this yr which is my first yr for turkey hunting and i love it.first one was a jake but this one was a long beard. i was in camo btw when i killed it.

winchester 1300
winchester super x 3" #5s
kicks gt .640
15-20yrd shot
11 1/4 beard
7/8 spurs

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