Took a bottle of Alegro game tame (normally use original but they were out), which I normally cut with a can or bottle of beer because it is so salty, but since I didn't have any beer I used a liberal amount of apple juice this time.

I did one ribeye for man and a t-bone for myself.
Not sure if it was the game tame or the applejuice but it was the most tender steak I have ever cooked in my life.

It marinated about 6 hours or so.

I have always heard that applejuice was a natural meat tenderizer but have no idea if it is true or not.

It was great though.

After man had pretty much finished he tried a bite of my t-bone and he said his was good but mine was ALOT better.

I have always liked ribeyes, but every time I buy a t-bone I wonder why I ever go with ribeye.

Anyway, if you like to marinate thought you might want to try it.
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