I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the man who owns the 64 acres behind my land allowed me to hunt his too. I went out there last Sunday morning and got there about 20 minutes later than I'd liked to have and had a bird in the field. I had heard a hen tree yelp before he gobbled, but by the time i got to the field he was down and following her. I called and he gobbled, but wasn't gonna leave his lady. I went yesterday, and bumped two watching the bobcat that lives out there AKA not paying attention. I scouted and called a little but got no responses. I figured it was over and was going to leave and all the sudden there is a Tom and 3 hens. I called and they looked but eased off. I sat there until it got dark and watched where he roosted and decided where to set up.

Got there this morning before light and set up. He was gobbling his head off for like 30 minutes. I just sat and waited and asked the lord when he pitched to not let him pitch to far out. I didn't have a decoy out and knew if he got out too far and I called he probably would not come back. well I was sitting there thinking "come on already" and i heard wings flapping. I saw him fly down and had to make a quick adjustment and when he landed I confirmed it was him and not a hen and then I put the bead on his head and let one fly. Dropped him right there. Got to him and looked back and thought "that's pretty far" stepped it off 47 to the base of the tree.

Sorry for the pics. I told my wife last night if all worked out I'd be home before she got out of bed and I was, so I did them myself.

10" beard, 1" spurs, I don't know the weight he was pretty heavy though. I'm pretty sure this is the biggest bird I've ever killed.
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